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Created from Lego City sets. Simple, yet very fun little Wall-e. Basically, me and my friend created this little guy one evening out of two Lego City sets. At first, it was a smaller one, but then we created this little guy. Functional arms, head movement, and the compactor opening and tracks. I will revise it to a more appealing and more complex Wall-e shortly. So, just enjoy the pictures of him enjoying the St. Patty's day as anyone would! Cheers! :)

As for the pictures, You can see what is going on there:
- Wall-e tired in the morning trying to get the tracks on
- Wall-e celebrating the St. Patty's day
- Wall-e chasing the red dot. More to come soon. Thank You for checking it out, and make sure to follow up on updates very soon! :)

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