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Minecraft Macrofigs: Mushroom island battle pack

This set would be in a series of sets, Minecraft Macrofigs. The sets would include macrofigs as shown the top pic, and land pieces as shown below. This certain set would contain 4 land pieces, two with giant mushrooms and 2 normal grass pieces, 1 human with a stone sword, and 2 zombies, even though only 1 is shown in the land pictures.

The set has 754 pieces and would cost about 25 to 40 dollars. The land pieces can come apart and be put back together again with connector pegs. The land pieces will also be able to connect with land pieces from other sets, like water pieces and mountain pieces.

The land pieces are 12 by 12 by 8 cubes with holes in the sides for the connecter pegs. The land pieces have flat tops for the minecraft people to stand and battle on. The sets are actually like the minecraft microfig sets, but are bigger.

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