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Railroad Starter Set

How it came together:

It was April 12th, 2020, when I came back from a long hiatus. That day, I asked fellow LEGO Ideas member Twiggy9997, a talented and kind builder, what I should build for my next project. Twiggy suggested that I build a pump-car. Then, I thought of adding things to go with it, but I was not sure what to build. After I asked once again what to build, Twiggy suggested I add a rail car to place the pump-car on, as well as some railroad workers and a ticket machine. From there, the project pieced itself together! I hope you enjoy it. :-)

Project description:

This project is 348 pieces. It includes a functioning pump-car, a flatcar, three pieces of track, a railroad crossing, a miniature station with a ticket machine, and four minifigures. The pump-car is able to fit two minifigures aboard, though minifigures cannot grab the bars to operate the railcar. The flatcar is able to hold the pump-car with four jumper-plates. With hinge-plates, the crossing gates are able to easily go up and down. Lastly, the station features a ticket-machine in which coins can be placed in a slot, as well as lights, a sign, stairs, and a caution-line to prevent passengers from getting too close to the tracks.


Have a great day, everyone, and thank you all for viewing and supporting this project! Once again, I give a great-big shout-out to Twiggy9997 for inspiring me to build this project. Please feel free to give suggestions on this project in the comments section above. Take care, everyone, and stay healthy and safe! Project submitted by Joseph cheeseinthepie on April 23rd, 2020.

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