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Grandfather Clock


On one occasion, I asked my eldest sister on what I should build for my net Lego Ideas creation. Let me remind you that this was a couple months ago. Anyway, she suggested that I should build a Grandfather Clock. I was like "Ooh! That's a cool idea!" Later, I came up with another idea, scrapping the idea that she gave me.

Last night, I built it after so long. I am so happy to present to you my Grandfather Clock! With gold decor and columns on each corner, this Grandfather Clock makes a rustic display.

This build is 292 pieces. The bottom section has a functioning pendulum. It can be manually swung with the notch in the back. The middle section is the clock portion. At the base of the section, there are three bells for decoration. Also, there is a perfectly fitted 4x4 clock with a single hand. Finally, there is the top section, which perfectly tops off the creation.

I hope you liked my creation! If something needs to be fixed, please, let me know. Have a good day! By cheesy. 8/2/2017

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