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Antarctic Expedition

The Antarctic Expedition project evolved from studying Antarctica last year and through learning about the scientific importance of Antarctica. Antarctica is located in the Southern hemisphere and is home to a great range of wildlife (however there are no polar bears in Antarctica so please don't ask me to put any in) and Antarctica endures extreme weather.

Did you know Antarctica is the largest desert in the world? There is also a wide variety of scientific research taking place by many nations who have claimed sections of this icy wilderness. Weather it's watching the Arora Australis, observing the wildlife or drilling ice cores it all started with the great explorers such as Sir Douglas Mawson. The early explorers led the way and braved the harshest environment to secure a future for science and discovery.

With all this in mind you might be interested in finding out more and with your support I hope that the Antarctic Expedition set can inspire young and old to question and find answers to real world questions to help inspire future discoveries.

Ready to explore, time to set out for the day in below 30 degrees. it's a good thing we don't travel far before seeing some wildlife.

If only I had some 32x32 white base plates, imagine what I could do! I was originally going to paint one white but I hope Lego will make some soon.

Returned back to the outpost for some ice fishing. Lift a panel and fish from your chair, that's the life.

Then back to work exploring and observing all the wildlife, what will you find today.

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