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Thunder Jay

A loud roar echoes throughout the kingdom. Is cannon fire? Is it firework blasting in celebration? No, the fear is much more terrifying, dragons! The horrible demons of the sky wreak their terror and devastation across the kingdom, is there none who shall appose them? Fear not! For this kingdom has Thunder Jay at their disposal! If dragons are demons, then Thunder Jay are definitely the angels of the sky. With just one in your kingdom, any dragon within fifty klicks is guaranteed to be instantly recycled into burger patties, (or your money back).
Thunder Jay's concealed legs act as the perfect landing gear for any terrain, while her eight bolt-rifles cut any normal dragon's wings into Paper-Mache. Of course we can't guarantee Thunder Jay's near perfect performance against any titan sized dragons. never the less, she's the perfect guardian for your friends and family. Her computer system is so simple, even a monkey could use it, (and has if I may add). If you suffer major damages in a Fire-fight, (get it?), your onboard S.L.I.M.E.s, (Super Light Immediate Maintenance Engineers), can assist with practically anything you need, including coffee!
All advertising aside, this baby uses the same body as the biggest Lego Jet Lego ever sold, you know, the red and white one. This means Thunder Jay is 50 minifigures wide by 23 minifigures long, very very big. I love designing wings and accidentally made a set that was too big for my robots, so I stuck 'em on my hovercraft instead. This would make an awesome Lego set for people who love big birds... or have a dragon problem. Either way, resistance is futile, you know you want it.

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