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Castle Bedroom

This is one of the guest bedrooms in a castle. It happens to be one of the sets in a Lego movie that I'm creating, (The Silver Chair) and seeing as it's one of my favorite sets that I've made so far, I thought I'd share it here. As seen in the cover picture, it includes one bed, a balcony, and a wardrobe. It also includes a bookshelf, a fireplace, a door, and a writing desk.
The room could include 1 or 2 minifigures, one guest to be in the room, and possibly a servant/attendant.

Here is a view of the shelf and fireplace. I'm not sure why the pictures are being cropped awkwardly though :/

Here is the writing desk with a fancy chair. If this becomes a Lego set, the fancy chair will of course have to be modified a bit so as to be possible in bricks without modification, or in this case, removal of arms.

Here is the door.

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