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Downtown Museum

At first, I had no mind to create my own museum.
I wanted to buy any original LEGO product. But, as soon as I searched for any kind of museum product, I realized there are a few museums in LEGO's product line. If any, that product is too small. I had no choice but to make it for myself.
Why did I look for museum products?
You and I all know that there are some memorable items in every museum. I also had some memorable LEGO items such as licensed minifigures, aerospace items, dinosaurs, and so on. I wish to exhibit them in LEGO museum. Especially, I thought it would be a very valuable experience to decorate my museum with my son. He also had many special LEGO items. Now, I guess many people in the world find LEGO museum products to display their items or to play with them.
The motif of this "downtown museum" is a downtown museum.
Whenever we visit any city, we can see many kinds of museums in the area of downtown. An art museum, history museum, aerospace museum, railway museum, maritime museum, wax museum and so on. That's right. This is exactly such a museum.
I have been focusing on two points.
The one is "appealing building design". The other is "easy to play with it". As a result, this kind of museum with three different sides comes into the world. The mood of the front part is a classic but characteristic shape. The backside is open to play and to change items easily. In particular, the concourse(central hall) helps us to assemble bricks and to remove items. The top side has a modern mood. There are office area, small library, book cafe, and roof garden. I think the top side will give us a kind of playground.
Project name:
Downtown Museum

Total parts:
Sorry, not counted. But not too many.

Creation time:
about 150 hours. (total of 45 days. 3~4 hours/per day)

-3 minifigures (a curator, a building custodian, a cleaner)
-3 stories building (a museum is on the first and second floor, the third has an office area, small library, book cafe, and roof garden)
-intentionally not closed backside and located the concourse(central hall). Those help us to play it.
-7 sculptures in the upper front direction, the concourse(central hall) on the inside, and the rooftop are key design elements.

Thank you for your interest.

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