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Star Dust Drive-in Theatre


Star Dust Drive-in Theatre

Buy a ticket and drive on in to catch tonight’s screening! If you get hungry there’s a concession stand offering both drinks and snacks, provided by the local delivery man. The biker that likes to hang out at the theatre might look tough but if you take a closer look at his comb you can tell that he’s actually a sweetheart. The grumpy old man doesn’t seem to like the look of him anyways though…

Originally I intended to build this as a real physical build but some parts where not available in the desired colors, especially dark turquoise and I really wanted to use that as the main color theme so I opted for an all digital version.

At close to 1400 pieces you get a drive in theater that is fully compatible with the Lego modular building series, three different cars and six minifigures.

Even though it would work just as fine as a stand alone building it has also been built to perfectly match the Downtown Diner.

The poster artwork is based on existing Lego illustrations and if there should be any copyright issues please let me know and I will immediately update accordingly.

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