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True Value Hardware Store

Perfect addition to your Lego town or city would be a True Value Hardware Store.
Built on a 8x16 base plate and using trans-blue windows/doors plus lots of red and white bricks/plates/etc.,.
Designed to fit in between banks, toy shops or medical centres.
Every builder needs tools and supplies, so to mechanics, miners....even robbers need some where to buy crow bars for robbing ATM's .

Note - In the first shot there is a wheel barrow, but only one shovel.....normally two would be in the set.

A fantastic metallic counter in front of the latest in loose fixings, fixtures and parts dispensering.

Hand tool display and plumbing display too !
In such a small space we pack in lots !
Two of everything would make a store more realistic, though costing more but the extra detail is worth it.

Note - single minifig run since it is a small set design.
Note 2 - drills and oil cans are missing but would be included.
Note 3 - this could retail for under 40 dollars AU (under 50 if floor is tiled.....but generally interiors of Lego City buildings do not have tiled floors.)
Comments welcome.....if you like it, support it !

Here you can see with the flooring done and in a street layout how it fits. (I might be posting the post office at a later date on it's own.

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