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Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Firefly Attack


This LEGO Ideas set is based on one of my favourite Disney movies: Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Set in the early 1900’s, the film follows a young linguist named Milo Thatch who dreams of one day fulfilling his grandfather’s dream of finding the lost city of Atlantis. 

This set is based on the scene where the expedition camp is attacked in the night by a surprise swarm of fireflies, creatures that set fire to the tents on contact! The crew desperately evacuate to shelter but the fuel tanker ‘oiler’ truck explodes, damaging a bridge causing the remaining vehicles to fall into a dark chasm...

This set builds two of the expedition convoy vehicles: the ‘oiler’ truck which carries the expedition’s fuel, and Cookie’s Chuck Wagon which carries all the food for the crew. Features include:

  • Commander L.T. Rourke, Milo Thatch, Cookie Farnsworth and an Atlantis expedition driver as minifigures
  • Four brick-built fireflies
  • ‘Exploding’ feature built into the oiler truck activated by pushing down a lever
  • Lots of food and kitchen items contained in each of the Chuck Wagon’s 10 barrels and crates
  • The rear of the Chuck Wagon pulls out to access more of the internal storage
  • The small engine which pulls the Chuck Wagon has working tracks 

The model contains approximately 434 pieces.

Please check out some more sets based on the movie on my page and thank you for your support!

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