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Ladies & Gentlemen

I am a die hard Batman and Gundam fans. I love the Batman so much that I couldn't stop myself to get the LEGO app-controlled Batmobile in the first release date.When i enjoy in building the Batmobile,i found that there is a lot of fun with the remote module; and thus I decided to put this into my another favorite animation robots, GunTank, a tank liked robots in the Gundam series. After idea is confirmed, a lot of LEGO brick and creativity are poped in my head and the imagination become more and more solid. I spent a few days to collect all the necessary parts from lego shops,and build. The finished product app-controlled GunTank increase the movement and playable, You can now enjoy my LEGO GunTank in my youtube channel. If you like my work, Please help to share and like my channel, Thank you for your support.

1) The model has 380 bricks.

2) Head and Hand can be active.

3) Giant cannons can be adjusted up and down.

4) Iphone control.


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