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I'm In The Band


This LEGO project is based on the Disney XD sitcom, I'm In The Band.  One of my favorite shows.  I loved it so much that I wanted to recreate parts of it "Lego-Style".  I recreated the band van and the garage where they play their music.  It contains 831 lego pieces, 5 minifigures, and 9 instruments.  Some of the features I am proud of are the band van which has a removable roof in order to see the inside which contains table, lamp, seats and a curtain; the garage contains various features like a work bench, speakers, a drum set, couch shelves, a washing machine, instrument stand and instruments.  Please help this sitcom enter the Lego world in order to play some of your favorite music.  Only 10,000 votes will make my dream come true!  Vote now!  Every vote counts!

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