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Millennium Underground Railway - Budapest

The Millennium Underground Railway, also known as Metro Line M1, was built from 1894 to 1896. Being opened to the public in 1896, it was worldwide the second and on the European mainland the first underground line ever constructed. At the beginning, the line operated with 20 electrically powered units which were built by the Hungarian factory: Schlick–Nicholson Gép-, Waggon- és Hajógyár Rt. Cars from 1 to 10 were panelled in sheet metal and the other ten in wood. The cars retired in 1973 (some of them are preserved) and got replaced with more modern multiple units which still are in service. Today, the whole line is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Budapest's icons.

With this submit, I wanted to recreate one of the original rolling stock which was panelled in wood. I tried my best to replicate every tiny detail to the finest and bring back the unique shapes of this vehicle. Building it required a really good memory and thinking outside the box.

The model itself consits of 1246 pieces, has a fully detailed interior, and can operate on Lego tracks. I also added a display for the model which is actually based on a location where the line came to surface. Although it no longer exists, I think it is a nice easter egg.

In my opinion this idea would be a perfect Lego set. Lego has never really released an underground set of any kind. Even if we look at trains, there are only a few highly detailed sets, so it would be quite refreshing and interesting seeing one on the shelves.
Because of Budapests 125 birthday jubileum, I also wanted to celebrate with the city by submitting an idea about one of its most famous sights in the hope of approvement.

This idea was really fun to build and I hope you like it :D

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