Product Idea |

Realistic multiple seat cars on mini fig scale

Lego mini land needs realistic cars with multiple seats and more playable real life features!

Currently, Lego cars and trucks are default six knops wide, but can only fit one mini figure. This width is able to hold two figures next to each other. This makes the cars far more 'realistic' and playable.

This project has as goal to design cars that will fit multiple mini figures, without loosing scale.

(Above model is a multi-figure-fit-mod on vean's design).

Trucks, all terrain, sedan, station and sport cars. Hints to the actual brand should be visible.

More real life playable features, like hood + motor, doors and trunk.

Interior details, like hand brake and seats.
This car has two front seats (will fit two mini figs), and a back seat (will fit one mini fig).

This project's goal is to create several mini fig scale design cars that will set a standard for future lego cars. Follow up project will be in the Fast&Furious genre.

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