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Christmas Markets #2


Hi:) This is the second version of my Christmas Markets.

Where shall you go on a calm evening during the Christmas season?  To visit the charming and quaint  Christmas markets, of course.

There are four little stalls around the ice skating rink, each selling different products to the happy customers.

Turning clockwise you will find:

-  The stand of winter clothing and sporting goods.

-  The bakery stand full of pies, sweeties, and pretzels.

-  The toy stand (useful for last minute gifts) with shelvings full of puppets, teddy bears, and action figures.

-  The cafè where you can eat a hotdog, have a drink or, even better, taste a delicious hot chocolate.

The markets are lit by three lamp-posts and many wires of colored lights to give the area a festive flair.


This set is made of 1650 bricks and contains 9 mini-figures:

-  The toy seller.

-  The winter clothing and sports items seller.

-  The baker.

-  The barkeeper.

-  Two children on their ice skates.

-  Two elderly people.

-  A teenager.

Hope you like it:)

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