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Rail Car Diner

This model was inspired by the local small town diners found in nearly every area. Model is designed to look like a classic 1950 era rail car diner. The model does feature removable roof structures to give full access to all areas of model. Model include other features such as; booth seating, counter seating, soda fountain, kitchen, with flat top grill, ovens, walk in refrigerator, coffee serving station, news paper dispensers, and a Record Player "juke box". this model will surely remind nearly any one of that corner stop for a bite to eat and that place where many hours have been spent with friends. After some constructive criticism i realized the model needed more "curb appeal, and playable functions so after some revisions new details, mini-figs, and changes were made to the model. Some changes include thee removal of bulky overhead members that make the model more accessible, details like the desert displays, cups/ glasses, new mini-figures including (from left to right) the cook, a waitress, a 50'2 style greaser, and his lovely date for the evening. the counters were also changed out for peg plates so glasses and cups could actually stay in place. GUYS PLEASE KEEP THE COMMENTS COMING I WANT TO MAKE THIS THING PERFECT!!! thank you all EASYCHEEZ ;-P

More pictures are available on my facebook page to show every detail head over to creations and check them out. also, look at my other work and leave plenty of feed back

here is the model with the roof structures removed.

Here we can Better see the front half of the kitchen; shown here is a typical flat top grill, fryers, small food preparation area, and large sink. We can also see the Newspaper boxes and record player in top left. After some changes, the counter was made more player friendly with peg plates to hold cups and some designed napkin holders for effect also distributed to the booth seating.

In this View we can see nicely the eating booths, tables, and desert displays. This View also shows the "coffee Station" at the top right of the picture. Also on the side of the Kitchen shown here (from left to right) is a small preparation counter, storage unit, Double oven/ stove, and drawers. This view also shows the walk in refrigerator needed in a typical restaurant.

Here is a good good view looking into the double door breezeway at the front of the building typical of diner entrances as well as the added bushes and motorcycle details.

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