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10th Doctor's TARDIS

UPDATE 3/16/14

We will be adding a poll regarding which companion should be used. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 3/15/14

Travel through time and space with The 10th Doctor and Rose in the incredible TARDIS but watch out for the Daleks!

Hi, and welcome to this project. I am working in conjunction with GlenBricker and Kaminoan.

This set features the 10th incarnation of the Doctor, with his trademark trench coat, silver sonic screwdriver, and a reversible head with a smile on one side and 3D glasses.

The Tardis Set includes The 10th Doctor, Rose, two Daleks and, of course, the TARDIS!

This is a picture of the actual TARDIS. A sticker set would be included.

The 10 Doctor and Rose doing their best to not get exterminated by two Daleks!

Thanks to GlenBricker for the image.

Who should accompany the Doctor?

Please go here to vote!

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