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Wonder Woman's Paradise Island


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Legos are not just for boys anymore! And neither are Super Heros. This is Paradise Island, home of Diana, known as Wonder Woman, along with her mother and the rest of the Amazon Warrior Women. The island is hidden away in the middle of the ocean beneath the clouds where no men are allowed. Wonder Woman is always at the ready with her lasso of truth to help those in need. 

This build will go very nicely with any of the DC Marvel sets out there. It includes: lush gardens, the throne room within the ancient temple guarded by two centurions, which conceals the secret map of the island on one mountain peak and a statue of their honored ancestors and Cascade Falls on the other peak, Diana and the Amazon Queen, and even Wonder Woman's invisible plane!

Girls will have hours of Super Hero fun playing with this Wonder Woman build alongside the boys! Diana is going casual today, but let's get her back into her super hero uniform...Click the SUPPORT button and make it happen!

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