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Recycling Center

The Idea

Saturday forenoon in the city: Everybody is heading to the local recycling center!

Mostly to get rid of any kind of trash, waste, scrap, bulk and whatnot that has been accumulated during the week, but also for looking after dropped things that still can be used, like old bikes, TVs, phones, stereos, lamps etc.

Also, if you've got any kind of special garbage like old batteries, varnish, bricks, soil, wood, plants, metals, tires and so on, the recycling center is surely the right place to shed all these materials properly; and if in doubt, just get in touch with the staff.

And even if you're in need of road salt to keep the streets safe during the winter or have some clothes or shoes to donate for the charity collection, you'll make a find here too – promise!

The Build

The build consists of:

  • Recycling center with sliding gates
  • Office hut with sash window
  • Depot with photovoltaic system
  • Road salt silo
  • Excavated soil container
  • Scrap metal container
  • Construction rubble container
  • Recycling container
  • Charity collection bin
  • Trash cans
  • E-waste overseas container
  • Paper collection bins
  • Bottle banks
  • Wheel loader
  • Car with trailer
  • Bike with trailer
  • Workers, citizens, and animals
  • ... and much more refuse, tools, and accessories

The Functionality

There is no real core functionality in this build, it yet has some little playable details I'd like to mention:

  • The sliding gates can be fully opened and closed.
  • The containers all have openable bottoms or doors to release their thrown in content.
  • The wheel loader is articulated and its loader and shovel can be fully operated.
  • The car trailer's plates can be opened to all three sides.

The Pitch

What would a city, no matter the size, be without a recycling center? It is of course by far not the most attractive municipal institution, but definitely one of the most important!

And that not only in terms of collecting the city's legacies so that it stays nice and clean, but also for recycling any kind of reusable materials, a crucial likewise ecologic and economic function, both in the local and the global context.

So if you agree to the idea that it is finally time for a recycling center in the city – we weren't given a set like this yet if I recall correctly –, I'd be very delighted to receive your support on this; and please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you've got something on your mind about the idea in general or the build in particular!

Thank you very much for your attention!
Baron von Barron

PS: I'm not a native English speaker, so please excuse me if I used some of the above special technical terms for the recycling center's equipment incorrectly – any corrections are very welcome!

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