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Downtown Library

This library is sure to impress with many unique details. Some of these details include two bookshelves, 3 minifigures (2 librarians and 1 child), opening back for playability, librarian's kiosk, a computer lab with two computers, both parts of the floors remove, and much more! Most likely the price of this set would be $69.99 US.

These are the minifigures that would be included with the set. The two librarians would also include special printing that says "Library" on the front and "Staff" on the back. The child included also has a blue baseball cap and an ascot.

This is the back of the model. This library includes (2) bookshelves, (2) computers with table, a librarian's kiosk with check-out station, removable books, large-glass windows to show views of the street, windows included in back to show off when open, and a lot more! Note: The side opens in a 180-degree angle so you can rearrange it in any way to make it perfect for your LEGO city or collection. This set is great for smaller gaps.

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