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Hook a Duck Board Game

Hook a duck is a classic family fair ground favourite, which is why I decided to recreate the stall in this fun, skill based game. 

The set would also be perfect for display when not in use as a game as it is small, colourful and detailed.

Rules of the game:
  1. Decide which player will go first, they begin trying to hook a duck.
  2. The remaining players roll the dice in turn until somebody rolls a yellow.
  3. The person who rolled a yellow then takes over trying to hook a duck.
  4. If a person is able to hook a duck without the rod touching any part of the stall they win a prize.
  5. The next round begins and this continues until all prizes are taken or after a decided number of rounds, leaving whoever has the most prizes the winner.

To make the game more challenging add in the rule that the duck must also not touch the stall.
To make the game easier remove the blue bubble shaped pieces (35268) attached to the floor. 

Tested, stable and working. Approximately: 230 pieces 11x11cm base 14cm height.

This would make a great set which is also links in to the history and association between LEGO and ducks.

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