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House of Tools


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Welcome to Brick Street 24. The House of Tools.
This house is the home of the Tool Family. They are living here and working here, in their own Tool Shop.

The ground floor is the tool shop, where Mr. Tool is working. Any tool you need, you will find it here.
The stairs at the back of the building is leading to the first floor. You find here the entry for the home of the Tool Family. After entering you will be in the lobby. From their you can go to the kitchen, living room or toilet. This floor also has two small balcony. The stairs inside leading to the second floor, where the bedroom is. The door from the bedroom leading to the big balcony, where Mr. and Mrs. Tool sit sometimes to enjoy the view or lay in the sun in summer.

I created this idea based on my interest for old towns. Whenever I visit a city I never visited before, I always check out the old town part. I love the atmosphere there.
I also like to build things, mostly from Lego bricks, but sometimes also from other materials. To be able to do that, I try to purchase the right tool for the right job.
It was an obvious choice to combine these two interest of mine, in this old building.

The set would be for ages of all kind. Adults could enjoy it just as much as kids. It would look good on all shelves and it would fit into any kids Lego made city.

I suggest 4 minifigures to be included in this set:
  • Mr. Tool: The man of the house, the expert of tools
  • Mrs. Tool: The great woman behind a great man, who makes it all possible
  • Mr. Johnson: The black suit man with his newspaper, who elevates the antique atmosphere of this set and has all the news you need
  • Chester: The boy who likes to play in Brick Street. He is always up to something...

The model fits on a 32x32 base plates. Although the big old tree hangs out a bit. It is not a small set with it's 2870 pieces, however every one of them worth it. They all needed to create this beautiful scene in your old town.

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