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Train With Power Functions


About This Project:

This set idea is of a power functions train that I built with the battery box hidden inside the front of the train engine so, that the train can pull more train cars. The remote reciever is hidden inside the coal car. All of the power function parts are easy to get to for changing the batteries for example. The train consists of the train engine with coal car, a passenger car, a frieght car with large Octan container on it, and a hand pump car on the end attached by a Lego chain.

Play Features:

  • The passenger car's roof and luggage rack are removable for easier access inside.
  • The passenger car's doors can open and close easily.
  • The Octan container on the frieght car can be picked up by a Lego crane just by using a chain as shown in a picture.
  • The hand pump car actually pumps the handles up and down as the train moves.
  • The train engine and coal car have removable sections for access to the power function parts.
  • The train can be turned on/off by pushing down on the smoke stack.


  • The set comes with all the power functions shown in the pictures including, the battery box, remote reciever, the remote control, and the train motor.
  • The set comes with eight minifigures and all accessories shown in the pictures.

If you like this set idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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