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Winter Fireplace

This is fireplace during winter season where many Christmas decoration can be found. You can find here the Christmas tree, Santa Clause minifigure, gift boxes and many others!

The build has two nice features:
  • it has secret box which can be opened by turning the green gift box - so you can hide your treasure there
  • you can "make fire" by lighting up (light brick hidden behind the wood) the flames by turning the knob

Inspiration behind the build

I have always dreamed about having my own fireplace at home.I did not wanted to wait longer for it so I decided to make one with Lego bricks.

Why Winter Fireplace?

I am in love with all the Winter Village Lego sets and it would be so great to have one more!
Additionally it could be great decoration during winter season - whether you have the fireplace or not :)

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