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Mission Impossible


Mission: Impossible is a 1996 American action movie. One of the famous chapter is agent Ethan stealing a spy name list (NOC list) from CIA headquarter in Langley. He works with his agent partners to go into a high security computer room. They need to divert the CIA operator away to buy time, then get into the computer from ceiling without making and noise and touching the floor.

This LEGO build is for this famous scene. There are 5 minifigures, the starring as following:

  • Ethan Hunt – M:I Agent
  • Claire Phelps – M:I Agent
  • Franz Krieger – M:I Agent
  • William Donloe – CIA Operator
  • CIA Secretary

There are 4 scenes in this LEGO build, computer room, office, canteen and washroom. I replay the process in story board. Please give me support if you like it.

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