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Willow (1988)


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Willow is a 1988 adventure and fantasy film. It will have a Disney TV series in 2022.

The set depicts the battle in Tir Asleen. The most memorable and especially action packed scene in the 1988 film.

Characters Included:

  • Willow Ufgood
  • Baby Elora Danan
  • 1x Troll
  • mischievous brownie: Rool Mini Scale trophy part
  • mischievous brownie: Franjean Mini Scale trophy part
  • Madmartigan + Madmartigan with armor
  • Fin Raziel Goat form and Bird form
  • Airk Thaughbaer
  • General Kael
  • Sorsha
  • 1x Eborsisk Brick Built 2 Headed Dragon
  • 1x skeleton (For cage)

Further Builds:

  • Tir Asleen castle
  • large catapult

Tir Asleen Features:

  • Cursed residents of Tir Asleen frozen within the stones from Queen Bavmorda magic.
  • Collapsing bridge planks (on hinge parts. A troll and Willow fell through like this in the film).
  • Armory sections behind the squared tower, including the armor that Madmartigan puts on.
  • Flaming Barrel that can roll down the ramp.
  • Tunnel (on a hinge piece. In the film Madmartigan hid with boxes/hay in the film and surprised attack Queen Bavmorda troops)
  • Suspended cage (which you can place a skeleton or Madmartigan in like a previous scene of the film).
  • Sliding spiked Portcullis with string and winch.
  • Mini catapult (placed below archways)
  • Extra small rooms in the cone of the towers.
  • Vertically rotating wooden archer defenses on the castle crenels (upon the battlements/walls).

Thank you for watching. Let me know in the comments if you have previously watched/heard about or liked the film! And if you like the set idea! Or have any criticism/ideas for what should be included/or not.

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