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Portal 2 Modular Test Chamber


"But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science."

As Lego got the rights to put Portal 2 in Lego Dimensions, I figured it was about time we got the Portal 2 sets we all want.
Inspired by the 'Thinking with portals' project, this would include pieces to build your own test chamber. The pillar allows to build both a floor and walls.
The set would include:
Pressure plate
3 types of cube (companion, pivot and Frankenturret)
Pillar to build walls with x3
Blue and orange portals
Portal and non-portal surfaces
Repulsion and propulsion gel
Light bridge, excursion funnel and pipe
Adjustable panel
I hope you like this project and will support it. As mentioned before, all credit for the original idea goes to the 'Thinking with portals' project.

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