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Medival Watchtower


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This time, I introduce the Watchtower. Watchtowers are small structures built to keep track of enemy movements. However, the tower was raised because it was a watchtower. A watchtower located at the corner of the street, located high up so that you can see all directions. A building was erected on a small hill and a tower was built. It is not easy to climb or descend as it is generally hilly and rough. Due to the nature of the watchtower, it is not a defensive fortress, but rather a monitoring of the enemy's movements, so there are not that many soldiers stationed there. It is located in an open area on all sides. Perhaps because the soldiers are bored, there are thick vines climbing the watchtower. It shows vitality even on barren hills.
There are steps in front and back of the hill, but they are steep and difficult to climb.
However, it seems to be good for defense though.
The basement has a kitchen and storage, a first-class chef serving delicious dishes to the garrison, and a bed and weapons on the first floor. Here is a tower with 5 floors added. Light a fire at the top of the tower to send a signal to the base. There's a soldier on the back stairs, and he's in great camouflage. Next to it is a small camp, a well, and a stable.
It is a watchtower that composes a diorama that connects to Falcon Castle made earlier. I want to be able to show the medieval landscape by making buildings that go well with the wonderful castles.
Approximately 2300 blocks and minifigures: 7 pieces.

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