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Codename Kids Next Door - Sector V Treehouse and Coolbus


Kids Next Door, Battle Stations!

A global organization of kids - the Kids Next Door fights evil adult villains from giving them bedtimes and homework! They do it in their super advance tree house and advanced 2x4 technology!

Now is your chance to build the Sector V tree house from the show! This set also comes with the Kids Next Door's transport - named the Coolbus as well as all the operatives of Sector V in micro stud fig form!

Set Includes:

  • Sector V Treehouse - The main headquarters/Home of Nigel Uno's Team.

  • C.o.o.l.b.u.s. - Carries Operatives Overhead Luxuriously- Boasts Unbeatable Speed - The Knd uses this as their main transport in the series the Knd use this to get around - plus its really cool.

  • 5 "Micro stud figs" Kids Next Door Sector V Operatives.

Play Features:

  • The Tree house and Coolbus can be equipped with several shooters to increase play-ability.

  • The Coolbus is very swoosh-able.

  • The Radar Dish Rotates.

Build Features:

  • Everything is held together using clutch power, there are no "loose" bricks or bricks that are just placed on and slide off. There is a different kind of build experience where you use the rotating 2x2 tiles to angle it in place, and there are lego pieces that act as locks to keep elements from rotating around and hold them steady it in place.

  • The set captures the important features of the tree house from the show, it features a hanger bay, a ship, part of a plane and a giant telescope and the giant radar dish. it also has a tiny rocket, and the tree is sprouting out of a tiny house.



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