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Dronepad / Helipad


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This is a dronepad, designed for real (camera-)drones as a landing surface.

It is a square with angular corners and has a width of 85cm (10cm more than normal landing pads), so it is big enough for all consumer drones. The design is completely symmetrical and the color variation could be changed to personal preference.

You can also use this pad for your LEGO helicopters and most of them will actually fit into the yellow octagon/circle.

I didn't use flat tiles as the studs prevent the drone from slipping on the pad (it also has the typical "LEGO-look" which I like). A railing on each side of the pad prevents drones from getting off the pad sideways, though it can be left out as the pad is plenty big already.

The pad is designed to be visible from high above the ground. I took inspiration from other dronepads and real helipads and further improved the design to make it stand out.

The plate structure is designed for maximum stability and the backside is further strenghtened with 4x12 and 8x8 bricks.

As a bonus, this set features a "weather station", but I would probably improve the design of that if the project gets enough attention.

This pad can be developed further into a droneship, allowing for water landing. The weather station was also originally designed to house electronics for a droneship.

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