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The Scavengers Shack

I’ve built this set you see before your eyes , I spent hours finding and building with the bricks . I’ve built a old Broken house and the story is it got broken in a storm , many strange items are in the house like Viking helmets , bags of gold and crystals . The man who lives in the house is a scavenger and is using his sled to carry back his findings . The scavenger is wearing a raccoon hat and suit and is carrying a rifle for safety . Inside the house there’s a table with cookies , statues and crystals . Inside the crate on the sled is a tool case, some plants that survived the winter and  a silver bullet ones used to kill a werewolf ( monster fighters)  . I think this would be a great set because it’s a new idea and with the Lego designers has a giant potential. Please support this and help this set become a reality 

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