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LEGO Equinox and Sports Master Race Off


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The Story: Batman and Blue Beetle chase Equinox and Sports Master throughout the city. But then, Equinox and Sports Master enter a race to escape the heroes! Batman must now deploy Blue Beetle's scarab-created bike to join the race!

Why I Built It: I thought it would be pretty cool if Equinox and Sports Master, two of my favorite DC Universe villains, became LEGO minifigures.

It Includes: 6 minifigures: Batman, Blue Beetle, Equinox, Farmer, Sports Master, and Truck Driver, 5 vehicles: The Batmobile, the Equi-mobile, the Beetlebike, the Equi-bike, and the Sportsbike, as well as a race track with a black road and four rows of seats.

Why I think It Would Make a Good LEGO Set: You can race the vehicles around the track, and put your own characters in the audience. It gives two more characters from DC new LEGO forms, and provides multiple possibilities.