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History of Shipping


If you ask the well known danish author Carsten Jensen what the soul of danes was and should be, he'd probably say, nay, shout 'seamen!'

And, my oh my it is a long and proud history that is celebrated in this set, presented with three miniature models; the norse knarr, the age of sails frigate and the modern freight ship.

About the individual models:

The knarr was a norse oceangoing trade vessel, fewer oars, relatively wider and with a higher freeboard than the perhaps more well known viking raiding longship. These sturdy ships were clincerbuilt marvels, built to take the seas with lots of cargo and relatively few crew members. The build allowing for trade and settlement all along the north sea, across the atlantic and along the european rivers.

The frigate 'Hvide Ørn' (White eagle) had quite the adventourous journey. The ship, often dubbed the first real frigate, was built by Sweden, named 'Vita Örn' and entered service in the swedish navy in 1711. The ship was caught as prize by the danish/norwegian navy at the battle of Femer Bält in 1715, renamed to Hvide Ørn and served as the flagship of naval hero Tordenskiold in beating a ship-of-the-line at the battle of Rügen and also served in the decisive win at the battle of Dynekilen, where the transport fleet of swedish king Carl XII was caught in a surprise attack and obliterated.

The container ship of the class "Mærsk Triple-E", the world's largest kind of container ships when they were built,  is representative of the modern day connected world. These behemoths can transport a whooping 18 000 standard size ship containers each, allowing for very cost effective transport of goods the world over. I belive LEGO has made a very large model of the class some years ago.

The ship models are mounted on a 16*32 base plate but do overflow a bit. You will be presented a few different building techniques, but nothing very fancy or overly challenging. The models are not to scale of each other, the Triple-E would completely dwarf the other models if that was tried. 398 Bricks in total,which is in the ballpark of the Architecture series.

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