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percy jackson

Percy Jackson by Rick Rhiordan is a fantastic book with an awesome story.
I thought that it`s time to make it fantastic for Lego, too.

So I read all books again and created with my friends these Lego theme.
We`re gonna make all 13 main gods and there thrones. All 12 camp houses and all imported
monsters,titans , campers and buildings.

Next i`ll upload the camp houses and a capture the flag theme.

If you like that project please support it !

This is the Apoll camp house.

Annabeth, Percy and Grover.

Athenas throne and Zeus throne.

The blue team capture the flag battle-pack.

Here`s a link to some aditional pictures.

milestones: 3h 11 suporters
2 days 20 supporters
comming soon:

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