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Flatbed Tow Truck

This is my latest in City vehicles. I've seen some flatbed tow trucks around but I wanted to try my hand at one. This heavy duty vehicle carries all the tools for the job. It has a fire extinguisher for those unexpected car fires, a broom to sweep up the mess after a collision, a crow bar to get a damaged door open, a wrench for tightening loose battery cables, and a hammer to smash things when they just won't work.

The wheel on the right side of the truck makes it easy to wind up the winch to load a vehicle. There are wheel stops to help hold the car in place once it's on the bed.

A close-up of the tools of the trade. You can see there are tie downs all along the sides of the bed and a chain for hooking up to the disabled vehicles.

This bed will hold whatever angle you choose to stop at, for more realistic town layouts. The headlight design is an original as far as I know. Ideally, I'd like to use bigger tiles for the bed of the truck, but the large 6 x 6 tiles don't have enough grip on the bottom of them for studs, making it not functional with my design. There might need to be a new piece designed for this set.

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Update for Fall 2013: Since I posted this project, Lego has come out with their version of a tilt bed tow truck. It's set #60017.

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