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Atlantis: The Lost Empire


In 2001, Disney released a movie called Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This film was quite different from previous Disney films, as Atlantis was an action epic in animated form, with inspiration taken from comic books and old adventure films. Atlantis has since become known as a classic and favorite with fans.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire centers on Milo Thatch, a bookish but brave scholar who is obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis. Milo manages to get funding to go on a bold adventure, where he finds adventure and love after meeting Princess Kida, the beautiful princess of Atlantis. The two team up to rescue the lost city from villainous figures from the surface.

This LEGO set includes many elements seen in the films.

Two of the Atlantis Ketaks are included. In the film, Ketaks are stone vehicles shaped like fish. I built two Ketaks, a fish shaped one and a shark shaped one. The shark Ketak is jointed and can move. The fish has movable fins and tail. Both can be ridden by a minifigure.

Also included, is the room that holds the “Heart of Atlantis,” a crystal power source for the city. In the film, the Heart of Atlantis transforms Kida into a powerful, mystical being that is bonded with the crystal. This LEGO set includes Kida in this transformed state.

For minifigures, this set includes Princess Kida (normal and crystal version), Milo Thatch, and Lyle Tiberius Rourke.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an amazing movie and would make for a wonderful LEGO set. Thank you for reading.

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