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Space in a Brick


I have long needed a way to store and keep organised many of my smaller kits and other parts organised during the times between my creations and ideas. It is with this in mind that I have designed some drawers.

I included a display window to show pictures and/or samples of the drawer's contents,

I have found it easier to design by using the scale of eight times the size of each dimension resulting in this creation being the shape of a brick 16 x 32 x 8 when measured in regular studs/bricks.

So that the drawers don't spill everywhere during transport I have attatched pieces to latch the drawers shut between the drawers being opened.

As part of this design I have taken steps for the Drawers to not be easily removable to assist in not loosing the drawers amongst the creative mess I have in my Lego area.

The shape of this Lego Idea when built may also be appealing to those who enjoy the look as one big brick of drawers.

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