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LEGO - Urban Wildlife


These three urban creatures are three of my favourite creations I've built and I'd like to share them with you.

I feel there are not enough nature related LEGO sets on the shelves at the moment and I think it is important that the next generation doesn't lose touch with nature that is around us.   I think LEGO is a great tool to help with education in this subject.

As more and more areas are being built on, less living space is available for wildlife, such as the Fox, Badger and Hedgehog you see in this project.  

So, I really hope that you can all take a moment to register and support this project as I'm sure many people would love to have their own LEGO Fox, Badger and Hedgehog in their home or office.

Many thanks to all of my many supporters and for taking the time to support my latest project.

Tom Poulsom

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