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Gator Chaser


Gator Chaser is a "platform 4 wheeler" that is based on the 4 wheel drives with no truck body, just a platform mounted above the truck suspension and frame. This allows the occupants of the off road vehicle to ride safely above the water. 

The Story line,

Before heading out on the next crocodile cruise, raise the platform body to fine tune the super charged engine!

Supplies are packed and it's time to attach our gator cage to the orv.

The team of scientists head out to the steamy swamps and its not long before a couple of alligators are spotted!!

After the catch is complete it's time for our researcher to micro tag the gator for future tracking and data.

Now that the job is done is time for fishing!

Gator Chaser measures over 4 inches tall, 4 inches wide and over 6 inches long. Gator cage measures over 2 inches tall, over 3 inches wide and 7 inches long.

Gator Chaser Details:                                    swivel "frog lights, swivel steering wheel, fold up / down railing around platform, tilt up body reveals engine detail, exhaust pipes double as jack stands for body, storage boxes for chains or accessories. 

Gator cage has a fold down front and 2 folding ramps in back. 

This kit could contain the 4 wheeler, gator cage, 2 gators, 4 minifigures -orv driver- gator wrangler-girl scientist-guy scientist 

Accessories:                                                 gator wrangler pole, magnifying glass, micro chip gun, chains, fishing pole.

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