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Great Moments in History: 936-1558 - The Coronation of German Kings at Charlemagne's Throne


Hi everybody,

I am really pleased to present you the third project of my "Great Moments in History" series:

936-1558 - The Coronation of German Kings at Charlemagne's Throne (in Aachen).

Chosen by Charlemagne to be the centre of power of the Carolingian Empire, Aachen (or Aix-la-Chapelle) has since been one of the most important european cities in terms of history. Between 936 (with Otto I) and 1558 (with Ferdinand I, i.e., for more than 600 years), Aachen was the place of Coronation of the German Kings, who would then go to Rome to be crowned Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. The election of the German King was made by an electoral college, in which 7 prince-electors (the Kurfürsten) participated. The prince-electors were the Archbishops of Mainz, Trier and Cologne, the King of Bohemia, the Count Palatine of the Rhine, the Duke of Saxony and the Margrave of Brandenburg. The ceremony was conducted by the Archbishop of Mainz.

The proposed project consists of a medium-sized vignette with 16x24 studs and 640 pieces (minifigures included). It represents the coronation of the Emperor, surrounded by the 7 prince-electors (whose shields are displayed at the left of the first picture) and 4 guards. The yellow flags with a doubled-headed eagle is the flag of the Holy Roman Emperor, at least since 1430. The second picture shows the Throne of Charlemagne in greater detail. If you browse the internet, you can make a comparison with the real one (I also present a picture of it).

Hope you find this project interesting and consider voting and sharing it. After all, it would be a nice opportunity to have a small piece of history on your desk.

Thank you for looking


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More will follow!


PPS - Just for information, the set was constructed using "LDD 4.3". Ray-traced images were produced using "LDD to POV-Ray Converter", version and "POV-Ray v3.7".


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