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Epic Snowball Fight


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     My project is a playground, where kids can have fun throwing, shooting, and dodging snowballs. I designed it with a cannon that actually shoots, a bucket that dumps, and a movable shooter. It also has 2 forts and slides for twice the fun! It comes with 8 snowballs to throw and dump, 1 flat snow pancake to shoot, and 3 ice cylinders to load in the cannon, and destroy your opponents fort. It also includes 3 mini-figures: 2 boys, a girl, and a dog to join the fun! My project has 172 pieces so its a pretty good sized set. I think kids of all ages would love it and I hope you do too! Please Support! If you have any suggestions on how I could improve my project, I would love to know. Thanks and good luck! - SuperSnuggie

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