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The Lego Exhibition


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Welcome to The Lego Exhibition!!!

With over 10 micro-scale displays to explore, this model is crammed with Lego history, all the way back to the famous wooden duck from 1935!

This model took inspiration from a small Lego museum which I have visited several times, with displays ranging from classic knights to motorised trains. My goal was to recreate the experience of visiting the museum by building micro-scale displays and carefully placing them onto a 32x32 baseplate to show the most nostalgic and best-loved Lego sets. This is the result, and it uses a total of 2,853 pieces!

So, after many weeks of building and rendering I am happy to finally present... The Lego Exhibition! :)

Floor 1:
On the first floor, the exhibition is shared with a small Lego shop, selling sets from several popular themes. It also features a 'Pick a brick' wall, which just adds so much colour and fun to the interior!! The shop is accessed by a door on the left of the building, and the interior stays true to that of a real Lego shop by using a Dark grey & Yellow colour scheme.

There are many sets on show in the exhibition. I have tried to include them all in the images, but here is a list of sets displayed on the first floor:
  • Galaxy Explorer
  • Space Monorail
  • Space Command Centre
  • Yellow Castle
  • King's Castle
  • King's mountain Fortress
  • Wooden Duck
  • Mr Gold

And the displays don't end there...
The next floor continues the exhibition with even more legendary sets!

Floor 2:
Walk up the stairs and you'll find yourself at floor 2, where there are even more sets to see, and many more photos to be taken! These are the sensational sets displayed on the second floor:
  • Black Seas Barracuda
  • Forbidden Island
  • Café Corner
  • Green Grocer
  • Police HQ
  • Emergency treatment Centre
  • Fire Station
  • Post Office
  • Hamburger Stand
  • House with garden
  • Emerald Night

Floor 2 also includes a toilet, which has a tiled floor that uses a black/white chequered pattern. Originally, I planned this model without a toilet, but I soon realised it would be essential if this model was going to be realistic! 

The Minifigures:
This set includes 6 minifigures ( plus 1 baby):
1 shopkeeper
2 Parents
3 Children

Although this build is not intended to be part of the modular building line-up, it is compatible with other buildings in the series, and I'm sure it would be a great addition to any MOC or official modular street scene! I'm proud to have created my first ever modular MOC, and I'm extremely happy with how it has turned out!!!

Building with bricks has created so many memories for so many people, and continues to create countless hours of fun. This model is just my way of celebrating the Lego brick, and all the adventures that go with it.
Thank You! :)

Any support, shares or comments are greatly appreciated. 👍

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