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Darth Vader´s™ Imperial Rock Band


Rock the Universe with „DARTH VADER´S™ Imperial Rock Band!”
Darth Vader and his Trooper-Band, famous for their awesome songs “I am your fart(her)” and “Darth Vader´s Team”, are on tour again! This time, they rock the great halls of the second Death Star.

The band members are: Darth Vader (lead vocals),  two Storm Troopers (guitars), a Scout Trooper (drums) and an Imperial Officer (saxophone).
The Set contains the five named Minifigures; a fully outfitted Drumkit with Basedrum, Snaredrum, two Rotodrums, a Hi-Hat and two Crashes; two guitars; a saxophone; two bass booster and a microphone stand).
The set eventually needs two new parts, as mentioned in the pics above, for more stability. The parts 3741 and 99249 have three stalks with three different heights. Because they are used as stands, the stalks need to have the same height.

-Used Parts: ca. 140

I hope you enjoy this new idea, and may the Force build with you!

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