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"The Silmarillion": Alqualondë


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This idea was inspired by one of my favourite books: “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R.


It shows Alqualondë (meaning Swanhaven in Quenya), the chief city of the Teleri on the

Eastern shores of Valinor. It is said to be north and east of Tirion, between the Calacirya

and Araman in northern Eldamar. The walled city was built in a natural harbour

made of rock. It also housed the great harbours where the Teleri ships were moored.

This set is made up of 989 pieces and includes a port and a ship.

The ship has the characteristic shape of a swan and features the captain’s cabin and an

armoury full of shields, swords and elven spears.

The port is built on two levels. The first has a dock where the ship can berth, and two

buildings: a lighthouse and an inn. The lighthouse features a balcony from which to

monitor the ships. The inn contains two tables where the sailors can rest.

The second level is underground and is storage space full of chests, barrels and boxes.

There are four mini-figures included: the captain of the ship, two mariners and a guard

of the port.


Hope you like it:) and thanks if you will support:)

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