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Wildlife Encounters


In the savanna of Africa live countless animals. Grab your journey and run freely with these stunning animals!

This LEGO set proposal consists of 9 animal figures built in same scale comparing to each other in real size. The set includes a Bird(Color can be changed), a Crocodile, a Flamingo, an Elephant, a Hippopotamus, a Lion, an Ostrich, a Rhinoceros, and a Zebra. Approximate bricks used in this set would be 800, and price would be around 80 USD.

We all have our own wildlife deep in heart, they run, they hunt, they survive. And finally, they encounter.

和動物們奔馳在大草原上,找回充滿野性的自己。包含九種常見非洲動物,儘管身體困於桌前,看著這些動物,心境依然能感受草原的遼闊。請支持非洲大草原野生動物組合,It's AWESOME!

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