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Castle in the Mountains


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The Castle in the mountains
A long time ago this castle was inhabited by three knights. But they had to keep attention because the forestman (This is a little Easter egg to the theme world of the forestmen from LEGO) wanted to attack the castle to steal treasures. Luckily the knights had at every time good weapons which were made in the forge. In the horse stable lived a horse, a pig and there were also two chicken.

The build
The Castle consists of two parts that can be each removed to see the interior of the lower level. The roof of the right part and the both parts of the tower can also be easily removed. I decided to build a working gate which can be opened via a gear on the side.

The Castle
  • a throne room
  • a forge
  • a prison
  • the great tower with a room ( maybe for a princess ) and a wine cellar
  • the ballroom with a fireplace
  • a room with a knight armor and a hidden mechanism
  • a horse stable
  • a hidden room with a treasure
  • a hidden place in the attic

The minifigures
  • three knights with weapons like swords, bows and spears
  • a forestman with a bow
  • one horse, a pig and two chicken

I really hope you like my idea!
Let us bring the knights back!

I also made a video in which you can see a few more details.

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