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This is the first time I made a house. For years and years I didn't build anything with LEGO, but now I picked it back up and tried to make my first ever house. It's inspired by the famous Dyess houses in Arkansas. I did some research and I couldn't find existing LEGO houses from which you can see the inside without removing the entire roof. I tried something different.
The entry part of the house can slide open so you can immediately look at the living room.
Then the roof opens up in 2 ways so you can see the rest of the interior.
As a final thing I made the roof above the second bedroom and bathroom removable.

I did build this to just see if I was able to build a house. I picked this style of building because it looks more iconic to me. I also made this to try different ways to open up the roof.
I think it worked out just fine. 

This would be an amazing set. There is just no LEGO set at this point like this. No house has this special way of opening up as this one. I will make a video of the opening function.
Also, good to know: this is a true fun build! Making the interiors, details, roof parts, really great fun build!

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