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LEGO Museum: A Tribute To LEGO Adventurers

LEGO Adventurers is one of the most iconic LEGO themes. The theme was released in 1998 and ended in 2003. The theme follows Johnny Thunder and his team, as they recover artifacts from Egypt, the Jungle, Dino Island, and multiple countries in the East. Along the way, the evil Baron and his crew try to claim the artifacts for themselves, doing everything in their path to stop Johnny Thunder. 

This theme has been a favorite for many LEGO fans, including myself, and I wanted to honor it. For this model, I created a museum housing some of the artifacts found in the theme. The museum is separated into three levels, each containing artifacts from one of the locations explored by the adventurers. The bottom floor contains artifacts from Egypt, such as the tomb of Pharaoh Hotep and the Re-Gou Ruby. The second floor contains the Sun Disk from the Jungle, as well as replicas of the dinosaurs found in Dino Island. The third floor has all the artifacts of Marco Polo, including the golden shield, the golden sword, and the golden helmet. 

This set has 2,724 pieces and includes 8 minifigures, these figures include: Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Pippin Reed, Harry Cane, Baron Von Baron, Slyboots, Alexia Sinister, and Senor Palomar. 

I enjoyed creating this model, both as a modular and a tribute to this classic LEGO theme. I hope you enjoy the final result produced!

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