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Roman Column

I present you my interpretation of Trajan's Column in Rome slightly redesigned to make it more aesthetic.

Being a fan of the first hour of the Roman Empire, I decided to make this MOC in order to finally see sets from this great period unfortunately forgotten by LEGO. Its current appearance and its scale adapted to the figurine allow it to be displayed on its own as well as to integrate it into a city like a modular. It is perfect to bring an original and atypical touch to a city.

Trajan's Column was built to celebrate Trajan's military triumph. It was part of a huge public complex consisting of two libraries, a temple, a basilica, a forum and is nearly 40m high. And at the death of Trajan it became a funeral place since his ashes as well as those of his wife Plotina are inside.

I was inspired by the columns of Trajan and Marc-Aurèle both located in Rome. I took the liberty of adding small golden statues and tan colored tiles to simulate the frieze and break up the monotony of the barrel. I also shrunk it a lot to keep it consistent with the LEGO buildings. In addition, I surrounded it with barriers like any important remains found in public places. In front of this barrier there is a small explanatory panel.

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